I-Protect, Company Profile

I-PROTECT is a highly effective Homeland Security Consulting Firm specializing in assisting companies, organization and government agencies to deal with the ever-evolving threats of global terrorism, organized crime and civil unrest.

I-PROTECT brings together a unique combination of s’ leaders in professional services and a group of multinational top-level experts with demonstrated field operations performance formally from military, intelligence and law enforcement special operations community. Some of which, still take an active part in assisting them as part of their reserves duty.

“We believe that security is like a chain linking people, their capabilities and supporting technologies. As ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ we must address each, as it was as important for our survival”

Our aim is to economically enable corporations, governments and other national or public organizations to deal with the evolving threats posed by the reality of our world. By providing a full range of services and capabilities backed by experienced personal and supporting methodologies.

I-PROTECT experts have established and conducted security assessments and operations internationally for private and governmental agencies, in the fields of: Public transportation, Maritime and Aviation, Embassies, Government institutions and Critical infrastructure. Advising them on how to confront and handle various emergency incidents such as terrorist attacks, biochemical threats and other emergency scenarios.

Moreover, I-PROTECT professionals actively participate in international committees regarding crisis analysis, war games, and counter-terrorism.

I-PROTECT provides a worldwide comprehensive infrastructure and operational Homeland security consulting services for private, national institutes and authorities, including: national strategic infrastructures, public transportation, air lines, airports, seaports, ships, supply chains, logistic systems, oil and gas infrastructures, nuclear infrastructures, boarder passes, hazardous substances facilities and other vulnerable systems.

What makes us different is our:

The knowledge and experience of the founders and employees of I-PROTECT has accumulated from years of operating in the following fields: Planning, establishing and operating security systems for various private and governmental entities. Participation in, and establishment of, special task groups and committees for national, municipal and regional security strategy. Advising on preventative security measures for critical infrastructure (nuclear power stations, oil terminals, refineries, railways stations and infrastructure etc.).

Upgrade and advancement of existing security systems, to meet increasing levels of threats, while allowing their efficient operation without disturbing the activity of the protected entity. Performance of periodical security assessments reviews and audits to continuously refresh the security arrangements of the protected entities.

Instruction and training of unarmed security officers for passenger profiling and luggage screening at air and sea terminals. Establishment of training and instruction facilities and methodologies for armed security personnel and special units such as sea marshals, VIP bodyguards, and air marshals for entities such as the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Establishment and training of anti-terrorist squads and SWAT teams to combat terror situations including hostage taking, plane hijacking, sniper shootings etc.

Training and instruction of aircrews (stewards, cabin crew) for preventative security behavior and awareness.

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