Consulting - Aviation Security

Aviation security has faced threats of terrorism since the early 1980s. However, the events of 9/11 have raised the level of these threats to new, unprecedented heights. Civil aviation presents a particularly attractive target to terrorist organizations, as they are high-profile attacks causing a large number of casualties, gaining wide media coverage, disrupting the lives of the traveling public and causing economic hardship. To counter the new threats, new international and local regulations and laws have been enacted, and must be fully implemented in order to enhance aviation security. The new risks necessitate the development of security solutions designed specifically for high-risk targets.

I-Protect provides comprehensive aviation security services, based on the broad expertise and operational experience accumulated by its experts, who have secured El Al Israel Airlines stations and operations around the world, and have served as air marshals on the company's aircraft – all considered to be high-risk targets.

Aviation security consulting services are offered for a variety of aviation clients (governments, civil aviation authorities, airport and airline management), covering a wide range of components that are offered either individually or as a turn-key package.

These include, for example:

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