i-protect - Integrated Security Solutions

“We believe security is like a chain linking people, their capabilities and supporting technologies. As ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ we must address each, as it was important for our survival”

I PROTECT is highly effective Homeland security Consulting Firm specializing in assisting companies, organization and governmental agencies to deal with ever- evolving threats of global terrorism, organized crime and civil unrest. I PROTECT brings together a unique combination of leaders in professional services and group of multinational top-level experts with demonstrated field operations performance formerly from military intelligence and law enforcement special operations community, some of whom, still takes an active part in assisting them as part of their services duty.

I-protect LTD is a world renowned company, and works under the authorization of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

I PROTECT gives its services in the following subjects:

  1. 1. Governmental and private security Consulting
    A: Such as: Prison, Homeland security, Governmental Facilities (Power Stations, Oil Stations and highly Sensitive Governmental Facilities)
  2. 2. Training and Establishing of special Units
    A. Such as: Counter Terror, Anti-Riots (Non-lethal weapon specialties), Search & Rescue, Police and Military.
  3. 3. Training and Establishing of VIP Security Units
    A.Such as: President/Ministries or other high profile individuals, Security Department.
  4. 4. Establishing of a Central Security Academy
    A.Where all those units that have been mentioned above will get repeated training.

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